Swimming Pool Covers

Do I Need a Cover for My Pool?

Many homeowners ask us, “Is a pool cover necessary?” No matter what type of pool you have (or how often you use it), we always recommend a pool cover because of the many benefits they provide. With proper installation and maintenance, a pool cover effectively prevents accidents; prevents debris from falling into the water; shields your pool in cold or inclement weather; reduces your heating costs; lowers your insurance costs; and most of all, provides a priceless sense of security knowing your children, grandchildren, and pets are protected.

Swimming Pool Covers

Types of Pool Covers

Like swimming pools, pool covers come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and materials, from simple, no-frills options to high-tech automatic models. Whether you need to replace a damaged or worn-out pool cover, or this is your first time purchasing a cover, our knowledgeable team can help you find durable, dependable products that are compatible with your pool. At Latham, we carry all types of pool covers to fit every budget and taste, including solid, mesh, and automatic options.

Swimming Pool Covers

Automatic Safety Covers

Automatic safety covers, which are constructed using specially formulated materials, can be effortlessly opened or closed at the touch of a button. With their unobtrusive design, automatic pool covers deliver the ultimate in safety, elegance, and convenience. Automatic covers provide peace of mind for pool owners all year long. When your pool is not in use during the colder months, leave the cover in place to protect it from debris and protect your family members and pets from any accidents.

Swimming Pool Covers

Solid & Mesh Swimming Pool Covers

Mesh and solid pool covers both provide excellent protection from debris. Mesh swimming pool covers contain extremely fine openings, creating a slightly different texture and appearance. Mesh options can be more affordable upfront, but may require more cleaning and maintenance down the road. Solid and mesh covers are also extremely useful during the colder winter months, to protect your pool when it’s not in use.

Supported Brands

Find the right cover for your pool at Latham Pool Products. Latham manufactures high-quality pool covers backed by industry-leading warranties, available in a wide range of styles and sizes to fit pools of all types. Browse our selection of solid and mesh pool covers and automatic pool covers, or contact us to learn more.

Swimming Pool Covers

Learn More About Our Solid, Mesh, & Automatic Covers for Above-Ground and Inground Pools

A swimming pool cover protects your pool from debris and protects your wallet from high insurance costs. Most importantly, a pool cover protects the people you care about. Keeping your costs down and your guard up, a pool cover is a smart investment that benefits your family, your community, and your budget.