Vinyl liner swimming pools are popular across the country, boasting gorgeous features suited to any climate or lifestyle. Affordable, stylish, and fast to construct, vinyl liner swimming pools are a solid investment your family and guests will enjoy for years.

What is a Vinyl Liner Pool?

Latham vinyl liner pools are specially engineered to deliver maximum quality and flexible designs to fit within most pool budgets. Vinyl liner inground pools are custom made and constructed with durable, long-lasting materials. They can be installed faster than other pool types and are built to withstand factors that can cause wear and tear to a pool like sunlight, water and chemicals. Thanks to the modular vinyl liner wall system, prospective and existing pool owners have the option to design an almost custom pool.

Because vinyl liner pools can be customized, they’re a popular choice for homeowners. You can choose from a number of shapes, sizes, liner patterns and features to create your own design and add custom features and add-ons like pool steps to create a truly unique backyard experience.

Unlike other pool types, vinyl liner swimming pools can be designed to fit into virtually any type of backyard. If you have a narrow space or an irregularly-shaped backyard, you can still build your dream pool.

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Plan Your Dream Vinyl Liner Pool

Latham is here to guide you through the pool-planning process and help you explore pool shape options, compare different design ideas and create a budget in order to build your dream pool.

  • Finding the right pool shape
  • Explore different backyard styles ideas
  • Use our pool planning tools

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Vinyl Liner Pool Shapes

From classic rectangle pools to curved designs like Odessy and Mountain Lake, find or design the perfect pool shape and design for your backyard and your lifestyle.

VLP-Drawings CA_0019_Celebrity


The Celebrity blends the functionality of a traditional lap pool, with the sleek styling of a freeform.

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VLP-Drawings CA_0005_Odyssey


Free flowing design with unpredictable radius bends and curves. This freeform has a beautiful humpback design that’s just perfect for a vinyl over tanning ledge or bench feature.

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VLP-Drawings CA_0015_Grecian


The Grecian emanates beauty and strength incorporating perfectly crafted angles and its signature corner design.

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VLP-Drawings CA_0010_Liberty


Escape to your oasis and let the tides of this freeform design ebb and flow through your senses. It’s a great day when the backyard swimming pool is the fun place to be.

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Customize Your Backyard With a Vinyl Liner Pool

An inground vinyl liner pool truly lets you create a custom backyard experience. Latham’s modular vinyl liner pool system provides the flexibility to create a custom shape that fits your space and your style, whether you’re building a new pool or are in the process of adding custom add-ons while replacing your existing pool’s vinyl liner.

From wall types to liner patterns to custom add-ons, the options are endless to help make your vinyl liner pool meet your unique needs.

Latham Wall TypesLatham’s durable walls are constructed in a modular and highly flexible way, so your pool can be designed and modified any way you might need it to be. Homeowners can choose between polymer or steel walls for their vinyl liner pool system.

Learn more about the benefits of each wall type so you can choose the best material for your vinyl liner pool system:

  • Polymer Walls: Latham’s polymer wall system is made from totally non-corrosive materials. This contributes to longer liner life due to reduced wall abrasion. Polymer wall pools are also ideal for saltwater systems.
  • Steel Walls: Latham’s factory-engineered steel wall panels are made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel with unparalleled strength. Sturdy, heavy gauge galvanized steel braces around the entire pool provide solid support for pool walls.

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Latham Pool coping optionsWe offer coping options including cantilever, aluminum and pvc finish. in a vinyl liner pool, the coping is what the vinyl liner attaches to. This allows the liner to hang in the pool properly. Coping is a key component of a vinyl liner pool and we offer pool coping in a variety of profiles and materials.

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Latham Pool linersThe customizations don’t stop with pool shapes. Browse our extensive offering of vinyl pool patterns to change the shade of the water and influence the overall look and feel of your pool.

Every Latham Pool liner comes with Ultra-Seam® technology standard. WIth Ultra-Seam, nothing can detract from the beauty of your pool, and you never have to worry about unsightly lines or seams on your pool floor. Latham is the only swimming pool company that offers Ultra-Seam technology giving you the ability to create your ideal picture-perfect pool.

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Latham Pool durable entry systemEvery inground swimming pool should feature a durable entry system. Entry steps make swimming safer while enhancing your inground pool’s beauty and comfort. We offer a number of inground pool step options including vinyl-over steel, vinyl-over polymer, thermoplastic and acrylic pool steps.

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Contact a Vinyl Liner Pool Builder Near You

Get connected with local independent builders in the Latham network to start your swimming pool project today.

Change Your Vinyl Liner to Give Your Vinyl Pool a Whole New Look

One of the best aspects of a vinyl liner pool is the ability to change your vinyl liner and refresh the look of your pool. A new vinyl liner pattern can change the tint of the water and create a whole new aesthetic for your backyard.

Whether you’re going for a light and tropical feel or a rich and sophisticated style, vinyl liner makes it hassle-free to change up the look of your backyard pool experience. An independent Latham pool dealer can help install a new vinyl liner within a day or so.

In addition to changing your vinyl liner, you can also add in new elements like steps or a tanning ledge to upgrade your pool experience. This is a great option for existing pool owners who want to refresh or enhance their backyard.

Vinyl Liner | Panama / Royal Prism

Vinyl Liner | Panama / Royal Prism

Why Should I Consider a Vinyl Liner Pool?

Vinyl liner swimming pools have many benefits, starting with easy customization. With almost unlimited shapes and designs, vinyl inground pools fit into yards of all sizes while offering flexible patterns and colors.

One of the best benefits of a vinyl liner pool is its price point in comparison with other pool types. Get a customizable inground pool for less than the price of a concrete pool and get it installed, faster! Plus,vinyl liner swimming pools are also easy to clean and maintain, perfect for busy lifestyles.

Latham vinyl liner pools are backed by industry-leading warranties. On average, homeowners should plan to replace their liner every 10 years. Design a customizable vinyl liner pool that will last for years and help you to build a lifetime of memories.

Vinyl Liner | Blue Mosaic Liner

Photo by courtesy of J&M Pool Company

Vinyl Liner | Blue Mosaic Liner

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