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What to expect when building a pool? What to consider when selecting a builder? Do you need tips on how to properly take care of your pool? Are you curious about pool safety? Do you need a fence? If there is an emergency, what kind of rescue equipment do you need on hand?

Our Education Center provides answers to these questions and more with links to resources, brochures, eBooks, and other information to help make your decision easy and fast.

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Whether you are looking for a brochure, eBook or other supporting collateral, we have put it all into one place so it’s easier to find.


Designing Your Dream Pool - Charlotte Fiberglass Dreambook

As you start to get serious about your pool construction, you find yourself struggling with the specifics of the project. If you’re like most people, all it takes is a little inspiration to get you past that indecision and kick your pool implementation into high gear. Our latest Luxurious Swimming Pools Dreambook - Charlotte Edition is just what you need!

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Coverstar Dreambook

These high-quality Coverstar automatic safety covers provide protection for your family and pets with the added benefit of effortlessly hiding your pool when its not in use. We have compiled some of the most beautiful automatic safety cover pool projects in this State of the Art Coverstar Dreambook. Page through and see what you can do in your backyard!

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To Save or Finance? Tips On Paying For Your Next Inground Swimming Pool

An inground swimming pool can be the ticket to creating the dream backyard oasis you have always dreamed of. Unfortunately, inground pools aren't cheap. There are ways to make them affordable with these great tips.

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6 Weeks To Planning The Perfect Pool Party

One of the biggest perks of your backyard swimming pool is that it provides a perfect entertainment area. With a pool as the backdrop, birthdays, baby showers or even simple get-togethers are even more fun. Create your next poolside bash with these great ideas for party themes, recipes, and more!

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Pool Care & Maintenance

Like any room in your house, your swimming pool will need periodic attention to keep it looking great. There are many options available for any pool to keep your maintenance to a minimum. This section is designed to give you all the details you’ll need and options to consider.

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Pool Safety

Smart pool owners always think safety first. They take specific steps to ensure that their family, friends and guests are aware of the safe and sensible use of the swimming pool. We’ve compiled content that addresses best practices to ensure you, your family and friends are safe.

Here, we have compiled overviews and recommendations to consider.


Pool Safety Tips

Awareness and understanding of water safety practices can reduce the risk of serious injury. Following safe water tips are essential for you and your family to have years of enjoying your pool.

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Pool Safety 101: Feet First

Your backyard swimming pool can be a source of endless hours of fun and entertainment. As with any outdoor activity, however, there are rules that must be followed to ensure the safety of all pool users.

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Pool Safety First, How to protect Your Children From Falling in

As a responsible adult, it’s your job to make sure children are safe in and around swimming pools. Here are the top three ways to have peace of mind and prevent little ones from falling in.

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Pool Safety: Teaching Your Kids How to Swim

Swimming is a life skill that every child should have. In addition to helping in an emergency situation, teaching your kids how to swim can help them develop a lifelong love of the water. Here are a few strategies to teach your kids how to swim.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Throughout your journey questions will arise on a wide range of topics. We’ve done our best to compile as many answers to the top questions from homeowners like you.