Inground Swimming Pools

To get the very best experience from your new inground swimming pool, it’s important to choose the right type of pool for you and your family, taking into consideration factors like budget, maintenance, and space.
From structural details like vinyl and fiberglass pools to your personal color and style preferences, our extensive catalog of cutting-edge products offers dozens of breathtaking options to choose from.


Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass inground pools are another excellent option for homeowners, depending on your needs and preferences. With quick installation, minimal maintenance, and impressive strength that outperforms concrete, fiberglass is a solid choice for virtually any application. Fiberglass pools offer luxury built to last and provide an elegant backdrop for your next cookout, family gathering, or garden party.


Vinyl Liner Pools

Vinyl-liner inground pools, which are also called “packaged pools,” are constructed using core components like steps, braces, and wall panels. These components can be mixed and matched to create unique custom designs, depending on your backyard space and personal style preference.

Vinyl-liner swimming pools, which come in an extensive range of colors and patterns, have distinct advantages that make them ideal for many homeowners. Not only are vinyl inground pool liners crack-proof and highly durable, but they also offer a silky-smooth finish that feels soft to the touch.

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What are the advantages to each type of pool? What factors should I consider when buying a pool? What should I expect with the building process.

Our Education Center provides answers to these questions and more with links to resources, brochures, eBooks, and other information to help make your decision easy and fast.


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Backyard Showcase

Your backyard can be an extension of your home, giving you additional room to relax and entertain. A Latham pool can be the focal point in any backyard. Review our outdoor living spaces for design ideas of your own.