Automated system to effortlessly care for your Latham Pool

Get More Out of Every Swim Season with The Attendant

Latham Pool ownership has never been easier when you add The Attendant.  This cloud-based system gives you complete control all from your smartphone so you can ensure your pool is always ready when you are.  From monitoring water quality and temperature to equipment alerts, The Attendant eliminates guesswork saving you time & money for more poolside bliss.

Pool Automation Designed to Improve Pool Ownership

A pool automation system designed to improve all aspects of pool ownership. Don’t be left behind with legacy automation. Experience real value with innovative features that speak to a homeowners needs.

Climate Control That Pays for Itself

The Attendant is the only automated system that looks at your pool’s historical performance along with weather conditions to activate heating, chilling and solar systems to set the perfect water temp at the right time.  Reducing unnecessary temperature functions can save energy and money.

The Right Temperature Every Time

Set your preferred temperature and Smart controls will tell you when it will be ready so you can plan ahead for the perfect day or nighttime swim.  Automated control of your pool or spa’s heating can help save on energy costs, controlling temperatures for when & how you like them.

No Degree Needed for the Right Chemistry

With Chemistry management and auto dosing ensure your pool’s water is always getting what it needs along with smarter filtration cycles that automatically adjust based on real time water conditions and even forecasted weather!  Addressing water imbalances in real time ensures no downtime and the best care to keep your Latham pool beautiful for decades.

Set the Perfect Mood

The Attendant lets you sync your pool and landscape lighting to set the  mood while creating the perfect vibe with your integrated Spotify playlist.  Create your own colors and light intensity to customize the perfect oasis to impress your guests!

Address Water Level Fluctuations Instantly

With an integrated water leveling system, high and low water level sending and recording are easily viewed on your phone.  Leak detection alerts provide peace of mind so minor issues can get resolved quickly.

Protect Your Investment

With the special Airbnb mode, hosts can control guest access to avoid miss or overuse of the pool’s features.  Also great for managing and monitoring teen family members!


Contact a Latham Builder for More Information

Ask your builder how to add The Attendant automation to your Latham Fiberglass pool.

Swim Smarter, Not Harder: Discover the Benefits of Pool Automation with Latham’s Attendant