Versatile, tasteful, and easy to customize, inground pool decking and coping are solid investments that bring the best in your pool. By creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, pool coping and decking bring life to your whole backyard, transforming your pool from a place to swim to a place where everyone comes together.

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What Is Pool Coping?

Pool coping is the frame around the edge or lip of your pool. Pool coping serves multiple purposes for your vinyl liner pool. First, it is the decorative frame around the edge of your pool which then transitions to your decking. The second purpose of swimming pool coping is to give the swimmers an edge to hold onto while also helping to move any splashed water away from the edge of the pool. The third purpose of pool coping in a vinyl liner pool is to help cover the aluminum coping track underneath, which serves as the connection point for the actual vinyl liner to hang. Though coping and decking are often paired, the coping can be both functionally and visually distinct from the rest of the deck. 

Your pool cover is an important consideration when deciding on your pool coping style. For example, having an automatic cover with a cantilever edge allows you to tuck the pool coping and the automatic cover track underneath it for a seamless look. Learn more about pool covers and coping considerations.

Inground Vinyl Liner Pool Coping Options

There are several options for the type of Pool Coping to use with your inground vinyl liner pool. The primary consideration is landscaping and the desired finished appearance of the pool deck area. You can choose to have cantilevered coping that allows for a finished concrete or stone appearance exactly to the edge of the pool. You can also choose curved aluminum coping forms that allow for a poured concrete solution that will have a slight protrusion into the pool area to help prevent splash out while giving an edge to hold onto. Please consult your pool builder for more information on what is right for you!

What Is Pool Decking?

A swimming pool deck is so much more than a few planks of wood or composite. Pool surround decking provides a frame and pathway around the swimming pool but also doubles as a work of architectural beauty, creating the perfect backdrop for your next cookout, barbecue or dinner party.

Most pool builders will recommend decking width at a minimum of three feet.  Decking would be made of slip-resistant materials and have a slight angle so as to help assist with any water drainage away from the swimming pool.

Inground Vinyl Pool Decking Options

The main purpose of your decking is to provide an aesthetic outer rim to your swimming pool area while functionally moving water away from the back of the pool shell. Many materials provide this solution, so your choice comes down to your desired look for the landscape and budget.

Popular decking options include:

  • Concrete
  • Stone pavers
  • Wood deck
  • Tile
  • Composite decking