Pool Cover Safety, Care & Maintenance

If you own a pool or are starting the process to build on in your backyard, it’s imperative that you keep your pool and cover clean, safe, and well-maintained. Not only is a pool a significant investment that you want to protect, but it’s also a major safety responsibility. Pool covers play a pivotal role in keeping your pool safe, clean, and in like-new condition. A well-kept pool cover can be the difference between an accident-free household and an unfortunate oversight.

To ensure your pool cover withstands the elements and the test of time, follow these best practices for pool cover maintenance. 


Sweep off dirt and debris regularly. Keep your cover free from dirt and debris that can easily collect on top of the cover, in the track, or in the auto cover housing.


Maintain and repair your sliders and pulleys, where necessary. Even though Coverstar automatic pool covers are the most reliable on the market, they still require care and maintenance to function well into the future. The pulleys and sliders that are used to automatically expand and retract your pool’s cover will experience wear and tear over time, so be sure to change these parts out regularly. 


Replace fabric as needed. A pool cover that doesn’t protect your pool is useless, which is why it’s important to practice routine maintenance and periodic inspections of your pool cover. Pool chemicals, temperature variations, ultraviolet light, and general wear and tear can break down the pool cover fabric over time. Every month, inspect your pool cover for any cracks, peeling, or weak spots. This can help keep a small problem from turning into a big one.

Cleaning your pool is just as important as regular preventative maintenance. You should wash your cover every 3 to 6 months with a mild dishwashing soap and sponge or house rag to remove the chlorine that builds up from the continuous opening and closing of the cover. 


In addition to the pool cover surface, you also need to care for and clean the tracks. You can do this by first retracting the pool cover, and then cleaning the cover track rope and slider channel. The best way to clean the tracks and pulley housing is with the high-pressure nozzle from a garden hose, which will easily remove built-up dirt and debris. Repeat as often as necessary to keep the tracks clean but at minimum, repeat this process every 1 to 2 months.

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